Gordon Winn is an educator, author, publisher, and musician from Roanoke, Virginia. My Dream in a Forest Green  is his first children’s book. In 2007, Mr. Winn self-published Conversaciones Contemporáneas en Castellano, an advanced Spanish reader used in a number of secondary schools. Aside from teaching Spanish, Mr. Winn performs music across the country and the world with the Virginia-based group, The Winn Brothers Band. He travels to Spain as frequently as his wallet permits.



Alex Hoyt is a freelance writer and illustrator based in Washington, D.C. A contributor to Architect magazine, he produces an online series for The Atlantic magazine called “First Drafts,” which explores the creative process of writers, artists, musicians, and others. His iPad illustrations have accompanied numerous stories on the TheAtlantic.com. Fifteen years ago he was a Spanish student of Señor Winn’s at North Cross School, in Roanoke, Virginia.